Arawak Expeditions (Sea Kayak Trips)
Calypso / Bad Kitty (340-777-7245)
Carolina Corral (Horseback riding 340-693-5778)
Long Distance (Day Sailing Trips from Coral Bay)
Low Key Water Sports (Snorkel & dive rental and day trips)
Noah's Little Arks (Warfside Village Dinghy Rentals 340-693-9030)
Sail Safaris (340-626-8181)
St. John Tour (Online tour of St. John flora, fauna, animals and trails etc.)
VI Ecotours (340-779-2155)
Wayward Sailor (Day Sailing Trips from Cruz Bay)
Art Galleries
Bajo el Sol Gallery (Art Gallery in Mongoose Junction 340-693-7070)
Best of Both Worlds (Art Gallery in Mongoose Junction 340-693-7005)
Coconut Coast Studios (Art Gallery in Frank Bay 340-776-6944)
Frames of Mind (In the Lumberyard Art and more 340-693-8560)
Sole Arte (Art Gallery 340-715-2150)
Car Rental
C & C Car and Jeep Rental (Phone 340-693-8164)
Cool Breeze (Phone 340-776-6588)
Courtesy Car & Jeep Rental (Phone 340-776-6650)
Delbert Hill's Jeep Rental (Phone 340-776-6637)
Denzil Clyne Car Rental (Phone 340-776-6715)
Hospitality Car and Jeep Rentals (Phone 340-693-9160)
L & L Jeep Rental (Phone 340-776-1120)
Mr. Piperís Jeeps (Phone 340-776-6171 or 340-693-7580)
O'Connor Jeep Rental (Phone 340-776-6343)
Penn's Jeep Rental (Phone 340-776-6530)
Spencer Jeep Rental (Phone 340-776-6628)
St. John Car Rental (Phone 340-776-6103)
News Weather & Information
National Park Map (In Adobe)
Best of USVI
St John (Information and links for St John)
St John Beach Guide (Information and links for St John)
St John USVI (Information and links for St John)
The National Park (Everything from tour schedules to maps)
USVI Tourism (Tourist Information)
Virgin Islands Maps (Check out the map and information)
Virgin Islands Tourism (Tourist Information)
Smiling Lizard Research (This site is about the natural history of the Virgin Islands)
Aqua Bistro (Coral Bay 340-776-5336)
Asolare (Great view of sunset, Euro Asian 340-779-4747)
Baked in the Sun (Bakery and Sandwiches 340-693-8786)
Banana Deck (Casual outdoor dining and great fried pantains 340-693-5055)
The Beach Bar (In Warfside village 340-714-0516)
Candi's BBQ (Food Truck, near Marketplace 340-779-1452)
Concordia Restaurant (located at Concordia Eco Tents 340-715-0501)
De Livio (Italian - located in Cruz Bay)
Extra Virgin (340-715-1864)
La Tapa (Contemporary Mediterranean 340-693-7755)
Lime Inn (Lunch and dinner 340-776-6425)
Little Olive (Greek Food Truck, near the tennis courts 340-727-8777)
Miss Lucy's (Lunch and Dinner past Coral Bat toward Salt pond 340-693-5244)
Morgan's Mango (Caribbean 340-693-8141)
North Shore Deli (In Mongoose Junction 340-777-3061)
Ocean 362 (At Gallow's Point 340-776-0001)
Ocean Grill (In Mongoose Junction 340-693-3304)
Rhumb Lines (Pacific rim & Tropical 340-776-0303)
Shipwreck Landing Reataurant & B (In Coral Bay area lunch and dinner 340-693-5640)
Skinny Legs (Coral Bay 340-779-4982)
Sundog Cafe (Live Music on Sunday nights 340-693-8340 )
The Terrace (French, across from the Beach Bar 340-779-8550)
Waterfront Bistro (Wharfside Village 340-777-7755)
Woody's (340-779-4625)
ZoZo's Ristorante (Italian 340-693-9200)
Bamboula (A unique boutique of clothing, accessories and more in Mongoose Junction)
Big Planet (In Mongoose Junction clothing 340-776-6638)
Caravan Gallery (Gifts and jewlery in Mongoose Junction)
Little Switzerland (At The Westin)
Pink Papaya (Funky and Fun Caribbean Gifts)
St John Spice (Wharside Village spices,jellies,coffee and other gourmet foods)
Verace (Wharfside village jewelery)
Weddings and Vow Renewals
St.John Weddings (Your wedding officiate, Anne Marie, will personalize your wedding service based on your needs and preferences.)


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